T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing in Palm Beach Gardens & Stuart, FL

If you are experiencing symptoms of contact dermatitis, we may recommend T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing to diagnose your allergic sensitivities. Our team at Florida Dermatology Specialists welcomes patients from Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart and North Palm Beach, FL.

T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing in Palm Beach Gardens & Stuart, FL

What is T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing?

T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing is a diagnostic procedure used to identify allergic contact dermatitis, a type of skin reaction caused by contact with specific substances. It is a type of eczema. The T.R.U.E. TEST® is a standardized method of patch testing that helps dermatologists identify the substances or allergens that may be triggering an allergic reaction on a person's skin.

What Allergens are Detected with T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing?

The T.R.U.E. TEST® panel consists of a standardized set of 36 allergens that are known to commonly cause skin reactions in individuals. These allergens include:

  • Metals, including nickel, cobalt and chromium.
  • Fragrances that are commonly found in personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Preservatives found in various products, such as cosmetics, skincare products, and topical medications. Examples include formaldehyde, parabens, and quaternium-15.
  • Rubber Compounds, like those found in latex and rubber products, including gloves, elastic bands, and some clothing items.
  • Medications that are known to cause allergic contact dermatitis in certain individuals.

How Much Does T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing Cost?

The cost of T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing at Florida Dermatology Specialists can vary depending on the patient. In many cases, your treatment may be eligible for coverage by health insurance. During your initial consultation, we will develop a personalized treatment plan and assess your insurance coverage to estimate the cost of treatment that you will be responsible for.

How Does T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing Work?

During the T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing, a panel of patches containing small amounts of various allergens is applied to the patient's back. The patches are typically left in place for 48 hours to allow sufficient time for a reaction to occur. After this period, the patches are removed, and we’ll evaluate the patient's skin for any signs of an allergic reaction.

What Happens if I am Allergic to a T.R.U.E. TEST® Allergen?

Positive reactions appear as redness, swelling, or a rash at the site of contact with the specific allergen. These reactions indicate that you have developed an allergic sensitivity to that particular substance. We’ll interpret your results and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the identified allergens and how you can limit your exposure to them in the future.

How Does T.R.U.E. TEST® Patch Testing Help Treat Contact Dermatitis?

T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing is a valuable tool for diagnosing allergic contact dermatitis and guiding the development of a personalized management plan. By identifying the specific allergens causing the skin reaction, individuals can better avoid those substances and reduce the risk of future contact dermatitis flare-ups. This information is crucial for making informed decisions regarding lifestyle choices, occupation, and product usage to prevent exposure to known allergens.


If you are seeking allergen testing for contact dermatitis in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce or the surrounding areas of Florida, look no further than Florida Dermatology Specialists. Led by Dr. Richard Krathen, a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, we are proud to provide T.R.U.E. TEST® patch testing to patients suffering from symptoms of contact dermatitis. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.