Lentigo Maligna

You will receive a call from a Florida Dermatology Specialists team member to discuss your results further. Your biopsy showed a lentigo maligna, which is a form of melanoma in situ found on sun-damaged skin.  It generally requires surgery for treatment.

Based on your pathology report, we can treat your lentigo maligna in the office.  It had no measurable thickness on the biopsy report, which is the best possible prognosis for a melanoma.  It generally requires an excision or staged excision when found on the head and neck, meaning a margin is taken around the cancer site and down into the fat layer.  We will do the surgery with local anesthesia here in the office.

More information about staged excisions for lentigo maligna can be found here.

A melanoma like this does not require any imaging or scans, based on information we have from the biopsy report.  You also do not need a referral to a medical oncologist, but we would be happy to make one should you so desire.

The surgery itself is therapeutic and nearly always curative.

It’s important to have this procedure done soon.

In addition, you will need to come for an examination every three months for the first year.

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